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Some Haiti Survivors Are on a Circuitous Route to Recovery – AOL News Nearly every other day, a C-130 military transport plane from Port-au-Prince arrives at Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta. For some of Haiti’s earthquake survivors, this is the latest detour on a long and winding road to recovery. (AOLNews.com, 2010)



Emory Targets China for No Smoking Zone ATLANTA: According to estimates, there are so many smokers in China that if they formed their own country they’d have a population larger than that of the US. But a new global partnership is looking to reduce that population before cancer, and other smoking-related illnesses, beat them to it. (China Daily USA, 2009)

800px-Atlanta_skyline Chinese Investors Head
Touting itself as the “Economic Engine of the Southeast,” Atlanta has been moving at high speed in its efforts to create long-lasting business relationships with China. (China Daily USA, 2009) ____________________________________________

Online Vote for Panda Name Draws Thousands of Fans The San Diego Zoo followed the Chinese tradition of waiting 100 days before naming a child. But how it chose that name of its baby giant panda is a new, all-American tradition.


xi lan cute Panda Love Becomes Pricey Obsession What started as a ‘gesture of friendship’ between the two countries has evolved into a cooperative effort to save these endangered animals, through research, conservation and education. Yet, like any relationship, it takes work, and it doesn’t come cheap. (China Daily USA, 2009)
Learning Chinese photoLearning Chinese Fashionable in U.S. A growing number of Americans are learning Chinese to prepare for the global marketplace. (China Daily USA, 2009)

altaring photo‘Altaring’ Your Look’ More brides are using plastic surgery and cosmetic Dentistry, as well as quick fixes like Botox, to enhance their beauty in time for their wedding day. Three Generations of Atlanta women did that, before the big day. (I Do, For Brides, Cover Story Summer 2003)

Botox and Beyond A quick look at some popular, less invasive cosmetic procedures.

Dressing Up Your Smile Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of procedures that are relatively painless, quick and affordble, and increasingly popular with brides and grooms.


Atlanta, Single CoverSingle in the City A look at life in the city of Atlanta as a single person. Interviews with more than 50 people, from various walks of life.

( Atlanta Magazine, Cover Story 2002)


atlanta woman magThe Glass Ceiling in Academia Women are becoming more visibile in higher education and prestigious institutions but are they truly able to break through the glass ceiling? (Atlanta Woman Magazine, 2002)