P1060906Matzo Granola: From Family’s Kitchen to Store Shelves  On Passover observant Jews commemorate the mass exodus from Egypt and for eight days, they eat Matzo. That’s the dry flat cracker known as much for its cardboard taste as its symbolism. And that is what fueled the entrepreneurial spirit of an Atlanta couple. From Atlanta, Susan Mittleman sampled their business venture. (NPR Morning Edition, WABE 3/2013) _____________________

meet the doulas teaDoula Do’s and Don’ts When it comes to having babies, there’s a growing trend of using doulas. But when you pay someone $400-800 to help guide you through labor and childbirth, it’s important to know exactly what and who you’re hiring. (WABE, 2/2013) ____________________________

P1060941_0Supercross: The Height of Dirt Season Under the Dome The Georgia Dome has two seasons: football season, and the second season, which includes soccer, basketball, concerts, graduations, and Dirt – which kicked off last week with Monster Jam and continues this weekend with Supercross. (WABE, 2/2013) _______________________

P1060536_0Orange Duffel Bag The holiday season can be difficult for some, especially young people aging out of foster care. Around age 18, kids who’ve grown up in the system can find themselves on their own, without a plan, and possibly without a home. (WABE, 12/2012) _____________________________

 Community Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD  In 2012, more than half a million veterans sought help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the VA.  The military estimates at least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer some form of PTSD. Which is why a group of acupuncturists here in Atlanta have set up a free clinic for military personnel and their families. (WABE, 2, 2013) _________________________________

flash mobSenior Awareness Flash Mob  Atlanta’s population is aging quickly. One in ten Atlantans is 60 or older, and by the year 2030, it’s expected to be to one-in-five.  Changing the way we age, and the view of the way we age is the goal of various Senior Advocates, who later today, plan to show us all just how fun aging can be.  (WABE, 9/2012)___________________________

Companions for Heroes Sometimes, a Veteran’s best friend may actually have four legs. Companions for Heroes is matching rescue animals, or homeless pets, with Veterans, as a way for both to heal from their wounds, together. (WABE, 10, 2012)  __________________________

30 Days With My Father  As we learn more about soldiers returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it’s still rare to hear from the children of these veterans, and what it’s like to grow up in such a household.  Christal Presley has broken the silence about her own secondary trauma in a new memoir called ‘Thirty Days with My Father.”  (WABE, 10, 2012) ___________________________

Ex-Offender Job Fair With Georgia’s unemployment rate at 9.2, more than a percentage point than the national average, many skilled workers are still looking for jobs, even basic labor. For people coming out of the justice system, getting a job is key to starting a new life. But having a felony on your record makes that opportunity even harder. (WABE, Oct, 2012)______________________________

Oakland Cemetery’s Restoration: A Walk Through Time  At 48 acres, it’s one of the largest green spaces in the city of Atlanta. It’s filled with artwork, sculptures, Victorian architecture and tropical gardens.   It’s also the city’s most historic burial grounds. And as Susan Mittleman shows us, Oakland cemetery’s restoration is like taking a walk  through time. (WABE, Aug, 2012) _______________________________

Zombie School  Whether it’s the recession…. or something else…. the ‘undead’ are rising in popular culture.  The Walking Dead, the most popular show on cable TV, is now shooting its third season outside Atlanta.  Swarms of actors and extras who’ve always dreamed of playing a zombie, a re-animated corpse that feeds on living humans, are vying for opportunities.  But playing the ‘undead’ is harder than you might think, as WABE News found at “Zombie school”.  (WABE, June,  2012) ______________________

Global Growers Network  At first look,  urban farming in metro atlanta  seems to be a growing trend.  But look deeper, and you’ll find that for many of these farmers, it’s a way of life, rooted in cultural history.  Especially for refugees, who are trying to rebuild their lives while working alongside local communities to serve each others’ needs.   (WABE, 2012) _____________________________________

Operation G.I. Jane  Of the thousands of troops returning from Iraq, many are women. The Pentagon reports that more than 155,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, among them, more than 30,000 are single mothers. They are a segment of our military whose unique needs are often not met, which is where Operation GI Jane hopes to make a difference. (WABE, 2011)_____________________________________________

Veterans Resource Center at KSU  For veterans, transitioning from military to civilian life can be overwhelming. And navigating your way through a college environment can be frustrating and isolating for any student, especially vets. Which is why the veterans resource center at kennesaw state university was set up. (WABE 2011)

 Stand Down for Homeless Veterans  “Stand Down” is the military term for when troops on the front lines come in for a reprieve. The annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans follows that military tradition – giving thousands of former servicemen and women a reprieve from the streets, to find resources, camaraderie, and rejuvenation. The Atlanta Stand Down was held at the VA Medical Center at the end of October.  (WABE, 2011)

 The Learning Tea A cup of tea can be a potent elixir. It can warm a cold body, soothe a sore throat, or welcome strangers. And for one Atlanta business owner, tea has become a catalyst for change. Susan Mittleman reports on how The Learning Tea is trying to make a difference for girls in India, one cup at a time. (WABE, 2011)

Truly Living Well Camp It’s the first urban-farm camp in Atlanta. Truly Living Well manages four-acres of land in the Wheat Street Gardens, across from the Wheat Street Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta’s historic 4th Ward. WABE News has more on this unique camp smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta. (WABE, 2011) ___________________________________

imgresEnd of Nosh Jump Starts Careers The Atlanta Underground Market was a secret monthly food event that got so big, it outgrew its secret, and ended up going public. But, its incarnation as the’ Nosh’ didn’t last long . Susan Mittleman reports on how some vendors who took a leap of faith in a business idea are progressing, now that their umbrella has bust. ________________________

P1050790The Atlanta Nosh Just over a year ago, a secret flash-mob style food fair made its first appearance in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Underground Market featured home-cook vendors who tested out their goods on curious consumers. It became so popular that last weekend, the “underground” market debuted “above ground.”  But now that the secret is out, can the new business model succeed? (WABE, 2012)_______________________________________

 Flash Mob for Foodies The “Atlanta Underground Market” is a somewhat secret “pop up” food fair, but moreso, it’s an opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs and consumers alike to ‘try it, and see if you like it.’  Susan Mittleman has more on the latest food fad that’s jump starting people’s dream careers. (WABE, 2011) ______________________________________

Year Up A group of 80 students are about to begin six-month, corporate internships. That may not sound like a big deal to some people, but just six months ago, these young adults never imagined crossing over the economic divide, let alone for working for top notch businesses. But as Susan Mittleman reports, their time at “Year Up” is preparing them not only for careers, but how to succeed in life. (WABE, 2011) _______________________________________

Off the Beaten Path Every year, approximately 1500 women in the United States are killed by a boyfriend or husband. Georgia is ranked the 10th worst state in the nation when it comes to men killing women. The CDC considers Violence against Women a Public Health problem, and is currently hosting an art exhibit to bring this issue to light. (WABE, 2011) _______________________________________

 Arts Funding Lacking in Atlanta Of the 100 largest cities in the u.s.,  atlanta has the 4th highest arts related business per capita- and the 2nd highest percentage of arts related employees—according to americans for the arts, a national public policy agency. But funding for the arts is not keeping up with the city’s creative talent.  (WABE, 2011) __________________________________________

Yoga’s Affect on Homeless Veterans According to the latest figures, there are nearly 1600 homeless veterans in Atlanta. Yoga may not exactly be the first thing on most of their minds. But a couple teachers and a group of veterans have been discovering just how helpful this practice can be. (WABE, 2011)


CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING SERIES- Atlanta Public Broadcasting  2011 series on sex trafficking of minors.

Child Advocate Calls on Adults to Help No matter what the law says, advocates say one way to stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children, is for adults to take more action when they see kids in trouble. Susan Mittleman spent some time with child advocate Sharon Saffold at the West End Mall to learn more about what’s happening in one of the city’s known solicitation hot spots.

Hidden in Plain View In 2005, Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office issued a report known as “Hidden in Plain View’ – detailing the pervasiveness of child sexual exploitation throughout Atlanta. That report was a wake-up call for Scott Weimer, Senior Pastor of North Avenue Presbyterian Church, because the church sat directly on one of the city’s most troubling corners.

International Child Sex Trafficking According to the U.S. State Department, an estimated 12 million people are victims of international human trafficking, which includes child sex trafficking.   The following is a conversation with Brock Nicholson of ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement about In the Atlanta area, the problem is growing.

Demand Drives Child Sex Trafficking The principal that Supply and Demand drives commercial business can also be applied to the commercial sexual exploitation of children- or trafficking.  To stop the ‘supply,’ you must look at first, reducing the demand.

Atlanta’s Haitian Quake Medical Evacuees Re-visited Last February, after Haiti’s devastating January 12th earthquake, 48 critically injured Haitians and 21 family members were airlifted to Atlanta and sent to area hospitals for treatment. Susan Mittleman caught up with two of the medical evacuees she reported on last year to see how they’re doing now. (WABE 2011)

Haitian Medical Evacuee Follow-up Within weeks of January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, a number of critically injured victims were airlifted to Atlanta-area hospitals for medical treatment. Susan Mittleman caught up with two survivors who are slowly taking the next steps toward recovery. (WABE, 2010)

Haitian Earthquake Victims Arrive in Atlanta The road to recovery for some of Haiti’s most critically injured earthquake survivors starts here, in Atlanta, an entire national and local operation is underway to help these people and their families get the continuing care they need. (WABE,2010)

Tasty Pastry, An Immigrant Story Opening a business in a recession can be risky. But the taste of success couln’t be sweeter for the Iranian women behind “Tasty Pastry”, a family bakery in John’s Creek. After living through a revolution, this is just icing on the cake. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2010)
Mandala of Compassion The Dali Lama visits Atlanta  for a lecture series at Emory University, where he is a Presidential Distinguished Professor. In honor and preparation of his visit, Tibetan monks here in Atlanta have been creating a special sand painting Mandala. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2010)

Marta Bus Route Changes MARTA riders come face to face  with changes in rail, shuttle and bus service. Some 114 bus routes will be modified,  40 eliminated all together. The changes, along with a fare hike in October, are meant to help MARTA  with its 69-million dollar deficit. Riders, however, have different concerns. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2010)
Circus Arts Therapy The Circus usually conjures up images of entertainment and spectacle, performed by people with almost superhuman traits. But here, learning to hang on a trapeze, climb ropes and even walk the wire is not only accessible, but a form of therapy. (WABE, 2010) _____________________________________

Threads of Promise Each year, about 3,000 of the world’s refugees are resettled in Atlanta. Most have been in camps more than nine years before making it to the U.S. to start a new life. Susan Mittleman reports on one group of Burmese women who are hoping to weave their way to a promising future. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2010) _____________________________________________

Computers for Under-resourced Middle School Kids When it comes to academic achievement, research has shown that parental involvement is key in a child’s formative years. One non-profit ‘s  mission is to help low-income middle-school students do better in school by improving their home learning environment, one computer at a time. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio 2010) __________________________________________


John Portman Exhibit: Against Backdrop of Recession At a time when many architects are feeling the sting of recession, this new exhibit seems both fitting and ironic. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)


morning-edition Internet Scammers Find New Approach
Internet scammers try to steal your money, by threatening your life. (NPR, 2008)

xi lan cuteZoo Atlanta Pandas: More Than a Pretty Face
There’s much more going on behind the scenes at Zoo Atlanta than what Panda fans may be aware of. (WABE Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette, 2009) ____________________________________________________
icon-3208785Atlanta Crime: Perception or Reality?
Whether or not police crime statistics tell the truth, the perception of crime is causing people to take action. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009) ______________________________________________
icon-2833414“Lost Boy” Finds New Home
Habitat for Humanity dedicates its first house to a Sudanese refugee and his family. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette 2008)

icon-2883427Memorial Day FlagFor the past four years, one Atlanta family has taken it upon themselves to remind all who pass by just what this holiday is about. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2008)

icon-2936093The Varsity Turns 80 In 1928, The Varsity opened as the “world’s largest drive-in.” Eighty years later, it’s still an Atlanta Icon. Susan Mittleman looks back at the history of the place made famous by its chili cheese dogs, onion rings, and its famous call–“What’ll ya have?” (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette, 2008)



Biotech series for WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009

What is Bio? • BiofuelsCardiomems • InsulinPatch ______________________________________________

From Trees to Tank In the Deep South, they’re looking to their forests to make cleaner, greener fuels. (The Environment Report, Public Radio, 2009)

_____________________________________________ image001

PTSD Stories (Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette, 2008)

Veterans Heart Georgia Iraqi veterans find path to healing through community.
Iraqi Soldier Struggles to Readjust A personal story of one Iraqi Veteran and how he came to deal with PTSD.
Iraqi Soldier Struggles to Readjust Part 2 ______________________________________________

SLEEP: A FIVE-PART SERIES (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio2007)
Why We Sleep • Dangers of Sleep Deprivation Sleep and Aging Sleep and Kids Sleep and Space



unknownLe Flash From dusk to midnight, artists flood the streets of Castleberry Hill with sights and sounds of LE FLASH, everything from moving images to moving bodies. (WABE Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)


flea market and cafe 458 021Starlight Six Drive-In & Flea Market By night, the Starlight Six functions as Atlanta’s only Drive-In movie theater. But by day, every weekend, the lot turns into a giant flea market, one of the last true old-fashioned open-air markets in Georgia. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)


During tough times like these… a dose of laughter can often be the best medicin, at least, a temporary fix. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)

criminalCriminal Records

The independent record store has always been a place to find eclectic music and eccentric people. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)
ThePourGSU Iron Pour

If you’ve never been to an Iron Pour, or never heard of one, this is one literal, red-hot show stopper. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2008)
designDesign for the Other 90%
The CDC’s Global Health Odyssey showcases innovative, inexpensive designs that are transforming lives at home and around the world. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)
3091373The Woman’s Angle
Six locally produced short films, all by women filmmakers, premiere in Atlanta. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)
3079991The Westside Arts District

Westside Atlanta is destined to be a new hotspot for arts in the metro area. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)
20071017_FilmLove_ACP02Film Love For those who really love the art of film, “Film Love,” may be reason enough to get off the couch, and experience moving pictures in a different light. The series provides access to rarely screened films. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)

3054471Atlanta Jewish Film Festival The Atlanta Jewish film festival is the largest attended film festival in Atlanta, and the second largest Jewish film festival in the United States. Founded in 2000 it is a 12 day cinematic exploration of Jewish life, culture, and history.(WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)______________________________________________

DSCF9868 Samurai Detente

An inside look at a Japanese Culinary Club. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette, 2008)______________________________________________

2917752Kirtan As our American culture becomes more frenetic, more and more people are turning to calming practices like yoga, and Kirtan, its musical form of meditation, originating from Indian Sanskrit. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2008)
2909391Music Improv at Eyedrum
Atlanta has made a name for itself in pop, hip hop and classical music. But it’s always had a thriving alternative scene. Far from the commercial concert stages- you’ll find hidden, gritty, non-profit art spaces, like Eyedrum. It’s here that once a month, anyone can show up for “music improvisation night.”(WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2008)

cafe458_mayor_and_chef_tiffany_willsCafé 458 Far from the limelight, some ‘celebrity chefs’ are cooking to help raise money for a good cause. (City Cafe-WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, 2009)