Child Sex Trafficking Series, WABE

CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING SERIES- Atlanta Public Broadcasting  2011 series on sex trafficking of minors.

Child Advocate Calls on Adults to Help No matter what the law says, advocates say one way to stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children, is for adults to take more action when they see kids in trouble. Susan Mittleman spent some time with child advocate Sharon Saffold at the West End Mall to learn more about what’s happening in one of the city’s known solicitation hot spots.

Hidden in Plain View In 2005, Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office issued a report known as “Hidden in Plain View’ – detailing the pervasiveness of child sexual exploitation throughout Atlanta. That report was a wake-up call for Scott Weimer, Senior Pastor of North Avenue Presbyterian Church, because the church sat directly on one of the city’s most troubling corners.

International Child Sex Trafficking According to the U.S. State Department, an estimated 12 million people are victims of international human trafficking, which includes child sex trafficking.   The following is a conversation with Brock Nicholson of ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement about In the Atlanta area, the problem is growing.

Demand Drives Child Sex Trafficking The principal that Supply and Demand drives commercial business can also be applied to the commercial sexual exploitation of children- or trafficking.  To stop the ‘supply,’ you must look at first, reducing the demand.

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