Veterans and Related Features

 Community Acupuncture for Veterans with PTSD   Last year, more than half a million veterans sought help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the VA.  The military estimates at least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer some form of PTSD. Which is why a group of acupuncturists here in Atlanta have set up a free clinic for military personnel and their families. (WABE, 2013) _____________________

Companions for Heroes Sometimes, a Veteran’s best friend may actually have four legs. Companions for Heroes is matching rescue animals, or homeless pets, with Veterans, as a way for both to heal from their wounds, together. (WABE, 10, 2012)  _________________________

30 Days With My Father  As we learn more about soldiers returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it’s still rare to hear from the children of these veterans, and what it’s like to grow up in such a household.  Christal Presley has broken the silence about her own secondary trauma in a new memoir called ‘Thirty Days with My Father.”  (WABE, 10, 2012) ___________________________

Operation G.I. Jane  Of the thousands of troops returning from Iraq, many are women. The Pentagon reports that more than 155,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, among them, more than 30,000 are single mothers. They are a segment of our military whose unique needs are often not met, which is where Operation GI Jane hopes to make a difference. (WABE, 2011)_____________________________________________

Yoga’s Affect on Homeless Veterans According to the latest figures, there are nearly 1600 homeless veterans in Atlanta. Yoga may not exactly be the first thing on most of their minds. But a couple teachers and a group of veterans have been discovering just how helpful this practice can be. (WABE, 2011)

Veterans Resource Center at KSU  For veterans, transitioning from military to civilian life can be overwhelming. And navigating your way through a college environment can be frustrating and isolating for any student, especially vets. Which is why the veterans resource center at kennesaw state university was set up. (WABE 2011)


Stand Down for Homeless Veterans  “Stand Down” is the military term for when troops on the front lines come in for a reprieve. The annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans follows that military tradition – giving thousands of former servicemen and women a reprieve from the streets, to find resources, camaraderie, and rejuvenation. The Atlanta Stand Down was held at the VA Medical Center at the end of October.  (WABE, 2011)____________________________________________

Veterans Heart Georgia Iraqi veterans find path to healing through community. (WABE, Atlanta Public Radio, Georgia Gazette, 2008)_______________________________

Iraqi Soldier Struggles to Re-adjust, Part 1

Iraqi Soldier Struggles to Re-adjust, Part 2  A personal story of one Iraqi Veteran and how he came to deal with PTSD.